This article refers to adding in an existing Shippo account that you set up outside our system. 

Aside from this "long way", you may also simply click the "Create free shippo account" link and then select "Already have an account? Log in", then on the final activation screen, copy and paste the displayed token into the field starting at step 7 below.


  1. Click the "Shipping Centers" from the main "Where do you want to go" dropdown.
  2. At the bottom, select "Local Warehouse 1" (or any of the 3).
  3. When the screen refreshes, click "View Hide Details"

  4. Open a new browser window, and login to your Shippo account.
  5. Naviagte to your Dashboard.
  6. On the left Nav, look for "API" near the bottom. Click API
  7. Copy the "Live Token" and Paste it into the "API Token / Key" field in the Orange Manager warehouse details page. 
  8. Select Shippo for the "Shipping Service" dropdown (required)
  9. Complete the remaining info (ie- set a name for the warehouse (we use "Shippo", but you can use "Garage with Shippo" or whatever you like.
  10. Add the ship from info. This you must done so you get proper rates.

  11. Default box sizes may also be set up, but optional.

  12. Click "Update Location Information" and your set!