The easiest way to connect your Weebly store to Orange Manager is to follow the steps below...

  1. Click Store & Channels > from the main "Where do you want to go" dropdown.
  2. Add A New Weebly Store

  3. Login to your Weebly store via the link

  4. Click "Edit Site"
  5. Click Apps
  6. Enter Orange Manager into the search field and search
  7. Click the Orange Manager icon
  8. Click Add
  9. Click "Connect" in the upper right of the pop up.

  10. Return to the Orange Manager screen that you opened above

  11. Enter a Nic name for your store - like "My Weebly Store"
  12. Enter the email you use to login to Weebly (must exactly match).

  13. Click "Add Weebly Store"

  14. When the screen refreshes, scroll down and review the fields.
  15. You should see a Site ID, a user ID and an Auth. Each field should have data in it and not an error.

  16. Click the Orange at the upper left of the browser, to return to the main page.

  17. Click Get Orders > All Stores (or your Weebly store).
  18. Click "Process Orders" Order View (all) - to see all the orders downloaded.

There should be no errors, and your all set!