For this article there are two separate parts.

Part 1 - the physical steps to take to mark an order for a refund, and Part 2 - issuing the actual refund.

This article addresses the second part.

Orange Manager was designed by actual e-commerce store owners. This can throw off your thinking as you do certain actions, but we believe that in the end you will find things become much easier to deal with - especially as you grow (and we're expecting that you will!)

To issue a refund on an order follow these steps:

  1. After logging in to Orange Manager, navigate to the Accounting tab.

  2. Locate the order you wish to deal with, and review the notes.

  3. Click Issue Refund at the bottom of the Order View.

  4. Select your Processor, enter the amount to be refunded and any other info, and click Submit Refund.

  5. Click one of the buttons at the bottom of the order (we recommend "Accounting Completed") which will then remove the order from the accounting screen. Selecting "Accounting Completed" will return the order to the CSR so that person can follow up.

  6. Please note that when a refund is issued, a basic email is sent to your customer notifying them of this action. This helps eliminate chargebacks, etc.

Thats it!

Please see "How do I set up my processor" for instructions on integrating your processor. 

The processor part MUST be setup (except in the case of a Manual refund) in order for Orange Manager to actually process the refund. 

Manual refunds mean you will access a different system to do the refund, but want the order noted.