For this article there are two separate parts.

First - the physical steps to take to mark an order for a refund, and second - issuing the actual refund.

This article addresses the first part.

Orange Manager was designed by actual e-commerce store owners. This can throw off your thinking as you do certain actions, but we believe that in the end you will find things become much easier to deal with - especially as you grow (and we're expecting that you will!)

To issue a refund on an order follow these steps:

  1. After logging in to Orange Manger you'll want to locate the order. The fastest way to do so is by enter the order number (or last name or phone number) in the search box at the top right (while on the "Process Orders" page.

  2. When you locate the order, click on it to open the Order View.

  3. To the right you will see the "Add New Note" button - click that.

  4. Enter the pertinent information (such as amount to refund and why).

  5. At the bottom of the note section you will see a button and a drop down "Review for refund?" - select yes and click "Enter Note".

This will mark the order for a refund review, and move the order automatically to the "Accounting" tab.

Orange Manager assumes that as your sales increase, you will have a person requesting a refund (the CSR most likely), and another person (likely you) actually refunding the money. This is the reasoning behind these steps.

Please continue to Part 2 for the accounting steps....