Orange Manager notifies the shopping carts of a shipped (tracking number issued) order if the shopping cart allows this functionality.

Orange Manager offers two methods for notifying the shopping cart of a shipped (tracking number created) order.

  1. Orange Manager will automatically notify the shopping cart as orders are downloaded. To ensure that your shopping cart receives any updates, you should click the "get orders" button after completing your orders for the day.
  2. "Tracking Folder" option. Enabling the Tracking Folder (Admin > Company) creates a new "Update Tracking" tab and disables the automated notification described in #1 above. Inside this tab you will find all your shipped orders. You must then click the "Update Tracking" button to send the info to your store / channel.  

To notify the customer directly, Orange Manager optionally integrates with AfterShip - the internets #1 Shipment Tracking Platform for all tracking.
AfterShip enables you to customize the tracking / update experience very inexpensively.

Orange Manager also has its own (optional) built-in system for notifying the customer of tracking numbers (Admin > Marketing > Basic Tracking).
Both AfterShip and our system are updated as each tracking number is created.