Inventory has it's own set of issues to be aware of. You can read more here: Freshly Squeezed Blog

First, we do not track inventory in your on-line store. Rather we track inventory that you have in your warehouse and/or at Amazon FBA.

Second, Orange Manager will import your products from your on-line store(s) - where supported. Our assumption is that when you first start selling on-line, you have to add products to your e-commerce store, so why add products twice?

The first step in setting up inventory is to create your store under "Stores & Channels" and make sure the "Product Import" is checked.

Next, head over to the Fulfillment section and set up your warehouse. At this stage you should also set up your shipper, but you can choose to simply fill in the form with dummy information.

Once your warehouse is set up, head over to the Inventory section.

Here you will see a section corresponding to your warehouse(s).

There are 3 buttons:

  1. Maintain QOH.
    This allows you to manually update the Quantity On Hand in each warehouse. Simply adjust the QOH and the data is automatically saved. This must be done anytime products are added to the warehouse or on first import.
  2. Import / update product list.
    This will import products from your on-line store(s) and add them to the running QOH list. The import will not add duplicate names, but will add duplicate SKU's (which may be an empty or non-existing SKU). The import does not adjust any quantities.
  3. Delete all products in list.
    This allows you to delete the list of products imported and clear all quantities. You may choose to do this during maintenance of your store or to reset your product list.

When checking Quantity on Hand from the Order View page, it is pulled directly from these lists.

If you are using Amazon FBA there is only one button - Amazon FBA Import SKUs. This imports SKU's and corresponding data for use in reports. Amazon FBA QOH (from the Orders View Page) is live but requires this data to be accurate.